Pastel au thon et a la tomate recette Africaine

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Here is the full video on how to make some tasty Senegal pastels. You can use some red peppers or other kind of veggie instead of the tuna it will still taste delicious. The recipe is simple you make a feeling using some veggie and this filling will then go into your pastel. the pastel dough is easy to make but the most Important is that its quick as this days we don't have much time. remember for more videos or story im always on instragram and happy to share more cooking tips and food stuff.
Voila la recette des pastels au thon ! la recette est simple il suffit de cree une farce a base de thon, de tomate, d' onions, de gingembre etc... puis de remplie la patte avec une cuillère de farce. je vous invite a regarder la video de liker et de subscribe pour les prochaines videos.
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