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Fufu clear sauce is one of my favorite recipes. I'm not sure of its origin but the recipe is very simple. You can even omit the tomatoes: my home is called c fufusihe. I'll show you the recipe again.
Like almost all African recipes, as it by cooking the meat. For my dressing I use garlic, ginger, paprika, parsley, onion, pepper and bouillon cube. I'll try to make a video rained late for you how to season the meat but practically these are the most basic seasonings. If the meat has a very strong odor you can season at least 4 hours before cooking. Mix well and put in the fire.
I love my cold fufu, it gives me the impression of eating fufu from home. So until the thigh meat I prepare fufu. I recommend preparing fufu only the manufacturer's recommendation.
Or put water on the fire as soon as the water is boiling remove the third and add a mixture of flour and water fufu. As soon as it starts to boil remove the third and add the third. Add flour and mix until the mixture is smooth. Add the slurry gradually that you have booked the mixed is too hard. Reduce the intensity of the fire, and cover. Repeat until it's the thigh and fufu not book a big ball of fufu to thicken the sauce.
Make a ball with fufu and reserve. Put the tomato in the fire, I was supposed to rain later small fish but my daughter mix when I was not looking. This is not really important because you can mix all ingredients and bring to a boil: If you do not want there to be too much pepper in the sauce aside until the last moment. Once the sauce is thick enough to remove the fufu. Serve hot.
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