Chicken Yassa - Yassa Poulet Recette Senegalaise

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www.kadirecipes.com In this video i am going to show you how to cook one of the most famous senegalese recipe. It's chicken yassa. You will learn step by step how to cook yassa with chicken .there is yassa with beef or fish. Ingredients chicken , onions, garlic, pepper, mustard, lemons, oil, salt, chilli. For more information go to my website. Ingredients: 1 whole chicken, cut into pieces 7 onions 4 lemons ( for the lemons juice) 2 Tbs of mustard 6 Tbs of oil 1 head of garlic 2 chicken seasoning ( or Maggi Jumbo) 2 Tbs black pepper 1/4 Tbs chili powder salt ( for taste) Recette senegalaise de yassa poulet tres facile a faire al aide de ma video ou j explique tout le process.

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